<== Some Instrumental Music 

A collection of odd little instrumental songs that I worked on and off over the course of probably a year or two. A time spent second guessing, scrapping, re-doing and then re-redoing songs only to prefer things like they were at the start. I’ve put them all together and called it ‘Imperfect Things’ cause i guess that’s what they are. I was lucky enough to get some really great artists to help me make a couple of songs sound much better through their efforts as well. I hope you enjoy the music. 

The songs will be available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp and even Youtube, apart from many other services as well. But if you really like the music and want to help a fellow human, trying to sustain a career making noises that people confuse for music, please consider buying the music you’re listening to. Feel free to explore the the links at the bottom of the page as well and stay in touch. I’d love to hear from you (even if it’s angry comments i’ve read so much about from the internet). You can add yourself to the mailing list if you’d like a reminder whenever I release more new music (don’t worry these emails are very infrequent and hopefully not so annoying).