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Imperfect Things

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Hello there...

I’m a guitarist who wants to be a drummer but secretly wants to be a pianist while being an audio engineer in real life. I work as a music producer, session guitarist and mix engineer. I’m quite fond of making my weird guitar based instrumental music.

‘Imperfect Things’ collection of odd little instrumental songs that I worked on and off over the course of probably a year or two. A time spent second guessing, scrapping, re-doing and then re-redoing songs only to prefer things like they were at the start. I’ve put them all together and called it ‘Imperfect Things’ cause that’s what they are.

I’m working on more music now.  Following me on Bandcamp is the best way to keep in touch with my latest releases. Also if you want to connect, I’m not too active on most social media but instagram is the place I most frequent. 

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You can get in touch with me and my work through these links. Come say hi on Facebook or Instagram. And check out my music on whichever platform you enjoy the most.